Responsible Arena

With the launch of their sustainability program "Responsible Arena", Ceres Park & ​​Arena in Aarhus has increased the focus on sustainability and on reducing the environmental footprint from concerts. The goal is to be able to offer one of Denmark's most sustainable concert venues.

We know that many artists are engaged in the fight against climate change. But we also realize that it can be difficult to live up to the ambitions when you go on tour and are part of a large production - so we want to help both artists and promoters with that. We wish to offer a venue that makes it easier to tour and organize large shows in a way that impacts the climate less.

Here are some of the changes that we have made in order to offer a more sustainable and responsible venue:

  • Ceres Arena is powered by 100 percent power from renewable energy sources.
  • In 2021, all lamps and spots have been replaced with LEDs, which save 100,000 kWh annually.
  • Ceres Arena has developed a new waste management system so that concert guests can separate the waste into up to four types of materials - including plastic cups, so that the plastic can be recycled optimally. Employees then sort the waste into ten different types to be recycled.
  • It is a continuous goal of Ceres Arena to minimize waste and reduce the consumption of disposable packaging. Therefore, no disposable cups are used in Ceres Café.
  • Plastic straws have been phased out.
  • For meetings in Ceres Park & ​​Arena, tap water is served in a glass dispenser, and organic butter is served in slices rather than single portions. Coffee & tea is certified organic and fair trade.
  • Paper and napkins in the Ceres Arena are FSC-certified.
  • In front of Ceres Arena, a recycled artificial turf has been laid out, repurposed from AGF's training grounds, where a pitch had to be replaced. The community is encouraged to use for outdoor work-out, hang-out or maybe yoga.

With Responsible Arena as the basis, we also want to open a dialogue with organizers and promoters about their wishes for future events.